Prospective grad students

Thank you for checking out the Personality and Social Dynamics Lab! The University of Oregon is a great place to go to grad school. You will do interesting work, you will be challenged intellectually and creatively, you will have an opportunity to work on important problems with a lot of great faculty, you will have access to superb training and resources, and when you are done you will be well positioned for a career where you can use everything you learned to work on interesting problems.

Below are some common questions about applying to grad school, and Sanjay’s answers:

Are you taking students?

Right now I am reviewing applications start in our PhD program in the fall of 2020. If you are interested in applying for the 2020-2021 cycle, check back here closer to the application date.

I am not admitting students through our individualized master’s program at this time.

What are you working on?

The best way to get a sense of what I and students in my lab are working on is to poke around this website and look at the research page and our most recent publications.

What are you looking for?

I am interested in applicants with a strong academic record and potential; diverse identities, backgrounds, and experiences; and the right fit between our research interests.

Regarding the latter, grad school is a big investment of time and effort. So there should be enough of a connection between your interests and mine that it makes sense for us to be working together. (But I have pretty broad interests, and it is not critical that you share all of them.) On the flip side, I am not interested in creating cookie cutters of me. Students often come with their own interests or research experiences that build on what we are already doing in the lab. And I hope and assume that your interests will develop during grad school.

If you would be interested in working with multiple faculty, you can say so in your application. (In fact our program requires students to work on a project with someone besides their primary advisor!).

I strongly believe in the value of diversity, inclusion, equity, and access. I am committed to supporting the career development of students from all backgrounds, including members of underrepresented groups.

Should I contact you before I apply?

You probably do not need to. I have tried to address the more common questions that prospective students might have. But if there is a factual question that is important to your decision about applying which I have not addressed, feel free to contact me.

Students sometimes get the advice to email prospective advisors to start conversations about their work and what they might do together. I prefer not to have these conversations before I have read your application, so that all applicants are on a level playing field. The psychology department selects strong applicants for Skype and on-campus interviews, and that stage of the process is better suited to those kinds of conversations.

How do I apply?

Application materials for the UO psychology graduate program are available on theĀ department website.

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